We help food businesses grow by getting more clients in a predictable way through digital marketing, Facebook ads and proven marketing funnel processes.

Why you need a marketing funnel?

Good food is an experience; an experience that connects to the soul and ignites your inner peace. However, food businesses will only stay relevant in the market if they understand that the customer journey of foodies has changed and that they need to step up their digital marketing game or get completely taken out of the market. At Terrapetti, we have started our journey as a startup that helped restaurants, catering companies, cooking class, food and wine tour providers list and sell food experiences to a much wider audience as part of our global platform. Working with 250 food businesses in 60+ cities in the world gave us a unique overview of the challenges they face to attract and convert customer attention in a predictable way. Since then we have decided to triple down on our core strength, and focus on helping them design and build marketing funnels that help them get customers in a more predictable way.

The results we get for you

Predictable customer flow

Through an accurate understanding of your customer desires and our mastery of Facebook & Instagram ads, we build and test a funnel until it guarantees a highly predictable flow of customers coming your way, every day.

Optimized marketing cost

The cost at which you obtain a customer is a key concept in building your funnel. We keep testing, exploring customer acquisition channels until we get you the most optimal cost of customer acquisition with the highest ROI possible.

Higher customer retention

Most food businesses are busy with the day to day operations and underestimate the importance of leveraging past customers. Our customer return paths are designed to ensure that food business customers will keep coming back for additional purchases.

Focus on operations

You don't build a food business to do marketing, you do so to design compelling culinary experiences for your customers. Plus, the digital game is changing all the time so unless it's your main focus, you can't keep up with it. With us, you focus on your operations and enjoy getting targeted customers on auto-pilot.


Kit Schulte - Founder & Chef

SCHÖNE HEIMAT - a culinary exploration of Berlin & Beyond

"Working with Terrapetti has been a great experience, as they take care of all the details for the customers.  I therefore can concentrate more on the content of my tours and classes, and offer the best and unique service as a chef and tour guide."


How we build marketing funnels

A marketing funnel is a full cycle as part of which we start by capturing prospects' attention, convert them to paying customers, craft return paths to drive repeated purchases and keep detailed analytics about the overall cycle.

Customer intelligence 

In the beginning, we make sure we have an accurate understanding of your customers' profile and desires. Then we focus on building a very accurate understanding of their journey in the digital world and the offerings we are competing against for their attention.

Funnel building 

With our deep understanding of your customers, we will then identify the most optimal funnel type depending on your offerings. We will then embark on designing, building and managing the overall funnel cycle.


You can have the most enjoyable food business out there but without being able to grab attention in the digital world, you will fail. There is no standard formula here, we make sure to figure out the best channels from which to capture attention based on the specific needs of each one of our clients.


Every piece of work prepared earlier in the process is useless if you can't convert the attention we are sending your way. That is why our effective conversion techniques are designed to help our food business clients have the most converting funnels out there.


It costs money to get a customer, period. The real game is in doubling, tripling or quadrupling your customer lifetime value. With our customer return paths, you will realize the massive value you are currently passing on by not implementing effective retention strategies.


Some might say that digital marketing is both an art and a science. Well, this is the science part! We make sure we track every single part of the overall funnel until we make it an absolute science. That is how we build funnels that generate customers with very high certainty.

How we help our clients

Done for you 

Want to focus on delivering quality to your foodie customer? We got you covered, we manage the whole thing for you through a monthly package.

Done with you

If on top of your passion for your customers, you're also excited about getting into the execution of the food business digital marketing game, we also go you covered. We can help you build and let you manage part of the funnel.

1-on-1 coaching

Interested in high-level strategic advice on which direction to take for the digital marketing of your food business? We also do 1-to-1 coaching sessions to give you the best value on how to be a leader in your space and region.

Interested in working with us?

Get in touch

Just drop us a quick message using the contact form on our website. We will then get back to you shortly.

We assess the fit

We operate based on a simple philosophy: We work with clients we truly believe we can help and who are ready to commit to getting results. We will send you a quick form to fill in so that we assess it makes sense for us and for you.

We start with a test

There is no magic formula. We only work with proven methodologies and factual evidence. So we start by testing the assumptions over the period of a month. At the end of the month, we find the optimal formula to craft to attract and convert attention for your food business.

You become a client

We only start working together if you're happy with the testing results. That way, we work based on a factual basis and you know exactly how many customers we can get for you, for which cost and your ROI on them. Even though when we start the monthly process, we will also keep refining and optimizing the cost and conversion.


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